It’s Not Just A Map. You Get Much More.

The Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride map is actually about much more than Paul Revere’s ride.  This colorful, illustrated document  also includes…

  • A  Boston inset with a color-coded key of significant sites – along with a countdown to the Midnight Ride.
  • Colonel Barrett’s inventory of exactly what military stores were concealed in Concord and in whose houses, barns, or sheds they were hidden.
  • The houses at which Revere stopped and text boxes along the route.
  • The route of William Dawes
  • The route of  Dr. Samuel Prescott
  • The routes of 21 of the other midnight riders
  •  Locations of all the houses in Concord where the military stores were hidden
  • General Gage’s orders to the British soldiers soldiers

All in one convenient, high-quality 8 panel foldout format! This map is packed with archival research and supplemental information – in fact, it’s the only stand-alone map sold at the Concord Museum!

images of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride Map