Acclaimed By Experts.

The Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride map is a great educational tool and substantial work of research. Educators and historians have taken notice.

…beautifully done.  Who wouldn’t want to read more about the American Revolution after seeing this?
Gary Nash, author of THE UNKNOWN AMERICAN REVOLUTION University of California, Los Angeles
Thank you for this map! A great piece of work – well done!
Robert J. Allison, Chair of the History Department Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Splendid.  I’m recommending it to others.
Robert Gross, winner of the Bancroft Prize for the book THE MINUTEMEN AND THEIR WORLD University of Connecticut
It combines in one convenient, accessible, uncluttered format a tremendous amount of reliable information on the complicated and consequential night and day of April 18-19, 1775.
David F. Wood, Curator Concord Museum

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